Tell me

A co-Production Aulò Teatro, Magfest

with: Gisela Fantacuzzi, Carmen Nubla, Francesca Saraullo, Guido Sciarroni

Music: Giuseppe Viaro, Carmen Nubla

Drammaturgy: Manuela Frontoni, Maristella Lippolis

Director’s assistant: Elena Mastracci

Direcotr: Manuela Frontoni



Caterina, Dina and Alice are three women who are escaping their present situazion.

Caterina is escaping from a violent husband; Dina is a young ex prostitute from Albania and she is searching for freedom to save her life and, above all, her soul; Alice is looking to transform her life that does not satisfies her.

They meet by chance and become friends; trusting one another, they start to tell their own past and in the stories of the others they recognize a piece of their own story.

They look for a new freedom and they understand that to exhist is the only way to save themselves.

The performance is taken from a book written by Maristella Lippolis.